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Electronics City Industries’ Association (ELCIA) was formed by the industries located in the Electronics City on 09 January 1992 under the Karnataka Society Registration Act of 1960. The Objective of the Association was to protect and promote the interests of the industries by sharing technology and information as well as to provide a forum for addressing common problems confronting the industries. The Association soon grew in strength under the dynamic leadership of its first President, Mr. Riaz Tareen and his team of committed office bearers. The Association addressed many core issues concerning the industries in common, foremost among them being the lack of infrastructure within the estate.

The Association catapulted itself into national prominence through a novel form of protest against the poor condition of the Hosur road, the only roadway to the Electronics City. With the proactive support of the Government of Karnataka and active involvement of the captains of the industries, the Association established itself as a model and efficient organisation that could bridge the gap between the Government initiatives and plans on the one hand and the needs of the industries of the Electronics City on the other. In recognition of this status, the Govt. of Karnataka handed over the maintenance of the Electronics City to ELCIA on an experimental basis in July 1997.

There has been no looking back since then. ELCIA put in place an efficient system to implement and monitor the infrastructure needs of the estate. Sufficient water supply to each and every organisation was quickly restored through repair of the inoperative bore wells as well as organising additional sources. New water pipelines were laid all over the estate to serve all the units in the estate. Roads within the estate were re-surfaced. Within a matter of a few months, the Electronics City had been transformed into a clean and well-maintained estate. With galloping growth and international image of the software giants such as Infosys and Wipro, the Electronics City became an integral part of the itinerary of many distinguished visitors from abroad.

This further increased the need for better infrastructure and a face-lift for the Electronics City. At this juncture, ELCIA was able to persuade the Govt. of Karnataka to empower it to carry out the improvements through its own participation in the project. What followed was the Infrastructure Development Project for the Phase I of the Electronics City for which the GoK sanctioned about Rs.8 Crores with the members of ELCIA contributing another 2 Crores. This project was successfully implemented in 2002 and resulted in a quantum improvement of the Electronics City with better roads, signage’s, pavements, greenery, ducting for services, etc.

Structure of ELCIA

ELCIA is managed by an Executive Committee comprising 14 elected representatives of the member organisations. Most of these individuals are either heads of their organisations or occupy a senior management position. The Executive Committee in turn elects the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Jt. Secretary and Treasurer, who constitute the team of Office bearers. All posts are honourary and all the elected members contribute to the functioning of the Association voluntarily. The Executive Committee meets at least four times a year, more frequently as required. The Association functions in a highly transparent and democratic manner with various issues discussed and debated as part of a learned decision making process. The Association receives unstinted support from specialists available in various member organisations for all its activities ranging from day to day operations to selection of state of the art technologies and appliances for application in the Electronics City.

Due to the expanding activities and higher level of responsibilities of ELCIA, the Association has recently appointed a full-time Chief Executive Officer to oversee day to day operations as well as to interact with the Govt. machinery at various levels for execution of projects. A Chief Administration Officer and a Chief Security Officer are also in place.

ELCIA is located in its own premises at Sy. No.7(P), ELCIA Complex, Electronics City West Phase, Bangalore 560 100.The office houses the secretariat besides a conference room equipped with state of the art facilities.

News and updates


ELCIA Trust invites vendors to participate in the construction work of toilet at Bright Vista (ELCIA Complex).



Invite to Awareness Program on Export Policy

Dear Members,

ELCIA, in association with MSME DC, is organizing an Awareness Program on the Export Policy. The session will cover export policy and process, document procedures, foreign trade policy, incentives, and government schemes for exports. We will have guest lecturers from VTPC, DGFT, FIEO, EXIM, Customs, and GeM Portal (Digital Marketing).

Date: 4th March 2020

Timings: 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM

Venue: ELCIA Board Room

The program will be followed by lunch. Please make use of this opportunity to get all your queries related to export and digital marketing answered by the government. Kindly block your calendar and participate without fail. As the seats are limited, request you to send in your confirmation by 3 March 2020 to admin.manager@elcia.in.


Mamatha BE

Sr. Admin Manager


FASTag sale at ELCIA (Closed)

Attention to all four-wheel owners. We are conducting¬†FASTag sale at ELCIA’s office through PayTM and ICICI Bank. Kindly make use of this opportunity and drop by at our office.