ASSOCHAM- SME Bankers & Borrowers Business Meet

ASSOCHAM will host a one-day business conference on the subject of “MSME Bankers & Borrowers Business Meet” on 17th of January, 2018, in Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector of the Indian economy over the last five decades. They contribute to the process of economic growth, employment generation, and balanced regional development. It has the potential to emerge as a strong, vibrant and globally competitive sector in the State’s economy. As per Assocham Study August 2017, Karnataka tops in manufacturing excellence with best manufacturing process ratio at 2.63 and ranked as third in terms of attracting investments in manufacturing sector thereby leaving frontline states like Gujarat behind.

Despite their contribution of state to the nation, MSME’s access to institutional credit remains limited. ASSOCHAM plans for MSME Banker Borrowers Business Summit 2017 which will provide a highly interactive platform designed to connect traditional and emerging financial institutions focused on SME finance; equipping them to adeptly serve MSMEs while maximizing their returns. The MSME Bankers Borrowers Business Summit 2017 is singularly focused on helping institutions committed to serving SMEs in Karnataka.

All the MSME organizations in your organizations are invited to this excellent platform which will provide a highly interactive platform designed to connect traditional and emerging financial institutions which includes top banks and NBFC’s, to present their products and services focused on MSME finance.

Click here to download the agenda of the summit.
Click here to download the registration form. Kindly fill in the details and mail it to shreedhar@urdhvamanagement.com to confirm your participation at the earliest, as there are very few seats left.

For any queries or concerns, you can contact Shreedhar G, Sponsorship Head, URDHVA Management Pvt Ltd., Partner with ASSOCHAM at +91-80-48520605 or 91-9108042745 or email at shreedhar@urdhvamanagement.com

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Assistant to the ELCIA units

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1) Organizing loans from banks and NBFCs for all your needs like working capital, purchase of machinery, transfer of existing loans for a lesser rate of interest, etc.,

 2) Detailed Project reports for new ventures, expansion of existing units, etc.,

 3) Filing of returns/Internal and External Audit

 4) Valuation of companies for investors

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