Caution Deposit/ Retention Money repayable by ELCIA

As part of the Compliance procedure, we are in the process of reconciling vendor accounts. You are requested to share the details of any as below:

  • In case of Caution Deposit / Retention Money Repayable by ELCIA – belonging to any construction work, cable works, Trenching or pit works, etc.
  • In case of Nil Balance – No dues certificate confirming Nil Outstanding payable to you by Electronics City Industries Association
  • In case of the outstanding balance – Detailed statement of accounts as on 31.12.2019 on official letterhead by mail or post for reconciliation. A list of open invoices will not suffice.

In the absence of revert within 60 days from the receipt of this letter, we will assume that there is no outstanding amount payable by the Electronics City Industries Association (ELCIA) to your organization.

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