Exclusive Coverage of ELCIA’s CEO on Electronics Bazaar Magazine

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We are happy to share that an interview of ELCIA’s CEO N.S. Rama has been published on Electronics Bazaar magazine in their January 2019 issue.

The article titled “Our facility can be used by any company that wants to build a new product or augment its production plants” is about the ELCIA Cluster that is aiming to help Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) companies working to design and develop innovative products at lower cost.

Highlights from the interview

  • ELCIA Cluster was formed to set up the Common Facility Center (CFC) under the CDP scheme of Government of India to help MSMEs to design, develop, and manufacture innovative products.
  • CFC is now operational and is being used by member organizations of ELCIA and non-members.
  • All equipment is in place and members have started using them.
  • Small companies can use the facility for R&D and small volume manufacture without less capital, which will encourage startups to build innovative products.
  • Hopes for the facility to be harnessed by related players and facilitate generation of newer products and components.

The online version of the interview will be published soon.

Below is the snapshot of the interview:

elcia cluster rama










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