Meet Gurjit Singh Gill

Mr. Gurjit Singh is the Founder Director and Design Head of Gill Instruments, Bangalore.

Gill Instruments started its operation in Bangalore in 2001 as an electronic design solution provider exclusively for Texas Instruments products. They provide solution and training for product design in the field of microcontroller and DSP-based instrumentation, automotive controls, wireless sensor Network and building automation. They also manufacture a wide range of embedded system development tools based on Texas Instruments platform (MSP430) and provide technical support as well as training to industries and institutions.

Gurjit Singh has also taken the initiative to set up embedded system labs across the country in various universities and engineering colleges. Gurjit Singh shares the story of his journey in the email interview with Aruna Newton.

1. What was the inspiration behind setting up Gill Instruments?

It was May 2002 when I was working with one of the best technology companies in Bangalore – General Electric – in TDC division (Technology Development Centre) where everything was perfect. Lush green gardens with running fountains, beautiful glass buildings, high-end labs with excellent ambiance. But, somewhere deep inside my heart, I was not happy.

I come from such a background where I, sitting in my own small personal lab, used to write programs for embedded system the way somebody will write poems by putting heart and soul into the words. But here, the story was different. My creativity was blocked, hampered and tempered with corporate protocols. I started searching for alternate jobs where I could satisfy my inner self.

It was my third interview which lasted for 2 hours when the interviewer was able to see the future in my eyes. I still remember his words like commandments.

“Go and start your company. What are you doing here…” It was the day Gill Instruments was born inside my head and heart.

2. Please provide us a profile of your company – products, services etc.

Gill Instruments started its operation in Bangalore in June 2002 as one of the leading electronic design solution providers exclusively for Texas Instruments’ silicon chips. In the recent years, we have been serving extensively to the industry ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. We design, develop and deliver embedded system product solutions in the field of microcontrollers and DSP- based instrumentation, automotive controls, wireless sensor network and smart sensors.

We manufacture a wide range of embedded system development tools and reference boards based on Texas Instruments platform (MSP430) and wireless chipsets. Gill Instruments is a Texas Instruments university partner, and we set up embedded system research labs and Internet of Things (IoT) labs to share our expertise with the academia.

 Focus Areas

  • University Labs setup

  • Training on Embedded System & Wireless

  • Internet of Things (Smart cities)

  • Development Tools for Texas Instruments platform.

Our Vision is to solve unsolved problems by applying innovative thoughts and making use of advanced embedded systems technology and knowledge resources.

We enable companies and universities to design, develop, run and manage tight integration of wireless sensors network with the help of Gill Instruments advance development tools and reference designs.

3. What are your observations on the climate of innovation and entrepreneurship in India right now?

To me, everything looks perfect (even if it is not) and this way of thinking is my first principle of success!

Innovation and entrepreneurship are the products of the spirit. It comes from within.

You need not depend on government policies and infrastructure. You need just 3H –

Head, Heart and Hands. Today, we are consuming hundreds of products and services like Apple, blackberry (technology, not fruits!). I can’t see anything without Google and the new era of endless mobile apps. What next?

Make in India. It’s burning desire inside me to create something innovative in India and for India, doesn’t matter how small it may be.

So I think the climate of innovation and entrepreneurship in India is infinite. It is full of opportunities. Just we need to look around, find the need and fill the need. In this country of more than a billion population, you will find many people like me who need just one spark to start. They need a word of encouragement, kindness, handholding and the freedom to make mistakes and learn.

4. Tell us a little about your visit to Tokyo recently and your experience.

It was initiated by one email and telephone call from Mrs. Rama from ELCIA, regarding the IT Week Japan 2015. May be, for this kind of opportunity, I had been waiting for ages.

When I was young at one point of time, I was so fascinated by the technology of Japan that I was planning to get married in Japan so that I could get closer to the culture which thinks and lives technology. It hasn’t happened to me though. I am grateful to Ms. Rama and Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) for providing me this opportunity to visit my dream city Tokyo, without any strings attached.

Japan is popularly called “The Land of Rising Sun”.  I think the people there are not just rising with the sun, they are always awake, enlightened and eager to make this planet earth one of the most peaceful, progressive and a nation full of opportunities for the entire globe.

I like the cleanliness, humility and high discipline in every walk of their life. These values are glued to their culture. I am highly impressed with the culture, hospitality and inborn technical bent of mind and I wish to be the catalyst for creating the same culture and environment in my own country.

5. Tell us about the product you have innovated for smart cities

IoT Gateway:  The IoT (Internet of things) Gateway is designed for building smart cities. It can be seamlessly integrated with LED street lights, water meter, gas meter, energy meter, parking solution and trash cans. The role of IoT Gateway for smart cities is:

a) It will control the streetlight switching operation and the light intensity based on traffic density and ambient light conditions, and hence leads to energy conservation. It will also aid in health monitoring of streetlights via cloud.

b) IoT Gateway will collect readings from energy meter, gas meter and water meter and upload the same to the cloud for billing and analysis. Based on the consumption and peak hours, it will indicate the concessional rates to the user to avoid peak load.

 c) IoT Gateway will provide better parking management; the parking sensor can generate alert for non-parking zones to provide traffic jam free roads.

d) The IoT Gateway with trashcan smart sensors can generate timely alert to concerned authorities for collecting the garbage on time.

e) The IoT Gateway can be hooked up with cameras for online surveillance.

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