Message from Mount Litera Zee School Principal

It is my experience as an educator for the last fourteen years around the country and abroad that the children are same everywhere and their curiosity and their love for exploration is insatiable. In an endeavour to plant the seeds of inquisitiveness, imagination ……..to make our children know and understand the integrated process of life…..to be mature and free and grow up to be strong individuals, we have been striving to achieve our goals by mapping the teaching-learning process and providing conducive conditions in which our children can acquire the best.


“Education is not a preparation for life but life itself’ it is a journey of discovery, exploration, of introspection, of inquisition – a journey full of hope, promise and endless possibilities.”

And we as educators, teachers and staff will need your help and partnership to embark on this wonderful voyage of learning. It has been proven that when students have parental support at home, they enjoy their learning and school life even more.

Each child is unique, each one has a different individuality.

It is only through an enabling environment and careful nurturing can we hone their potential and uncover their unbound dreams. We have a dedicated and a well-qualified staff who works relentlessly to help the child develop his/her full potential. These mentors have been working tirelessly towards making integrated lesson plans for the holistic development of each and every child and it is evident through a motley of activities. Informal and continuous written assessments conducted for them.

It is indeed very heartening to see the participation of the parents in the functions that are conducted for our children and them as a team. It is imperative for us to instil good values in children as these precious nuggets will only help them to make ‘A life worth living’.

Our endeavour at Samsidh Mount Litera Zee School is to provide an encouraging and motivating atmosphere to enable the child to mature into an inquisitive, cheerful and trusting individual.

So let us unleash the great potential that our children have and bring them up not only to face the world but also…….to change the world!!!

Hoping to have a great time ahead.

Yours in learning

Ms. Rajni Rikhye

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Assistant to the ELCIA units

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