Message from the New President


Thanks you for electing me as ELCIA President, 2015-17.

Since our independence six decades ago, we have built the world’s most liberal, free and heterogeneous democracy; we have always been ahead of the world in terms of philosophy!  We have been hearing about how India has got great potential.That it is soon going to be a super-power and a great economy. And we continue to hear that even now. In reality, we see plethora of issues which are nowhere near the promised “potential”! We see infrastructural issues from water, sewage, traffic, transport, security, regulatory processes and more. Even at Electronics City spread around 900 acres, we are still grappling with many of these issues. To run our enterprises efficiently and making them world class is the dream and aspiration of each one of us.

Just a few hundred years ago, we were the top economy in the world. So much so Columbus set out to find a sea route to India. The poor chap lost his way and stumbled on America by mistake. Today that very America is many times richer than us economically.
Eventually, when the Europeans figured out the sea-routes, they ended up ruling over India for a few hundred years! And India became poorer during this period. Even today, we see imports of goods ranging from torch-lights to mobile phones, from Ganesha idols to LCD screens. We see grossly unproductive imports like gold and petroleum products and we run a substantial Current Account Deficit.

How can we change this situation?

This is a call to rise and do something, something
really big.

There is a saying – “Change is the only constant in this world”. Let us seek change and build a great future for ourselves and our future generations.



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News and updates

Winners of ‘Celebrating Success’

This year ELCIA powered a new initiative towards “Celebrating Success” of its member organizations for their achievements in the areas of innovation resulting in patents, sustaining during COVID crisis, and revival post lockdown. It was also proposed to recognize individuals from our member organizations for their outstanding contribution towards Social Work.



ELCIA invites vendors to participate in Construction of bus parking area at ELCIA cluster

Please send us the rate for the same as per the BOQ enclosed



Business Development Designer Services – a Webinar on 7th Aug 2020

Dear members,

Do you want to take your business to the next level?

This is time for a brand new journey to be explored!