Computers at Schools

The success of the Midday Meals Scheme inspired the Trustees to take another novel step towards assisting the children with their knowledge skills in their schools. It was decided to provide computers at these Govt. schools with the dual purpose of making their school curriculum more interesting and giving them an early with a computer at a young age. The project was the brainchild of M/s VXL Instruments Pvt. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of Thin Clients, who have provided their technology and services for the computer networks at each school. Another unique feature is that this project the obsolete computers discarded by the software industries in the Electronics City by refurbishing them to operate in conjunction with the Thin Clients. The computers run interactive animated software developed by the Azim Premji Foundation, for Learning rudimentary school lessons on a PC.

As a part of ELCIA Trust’s strategy to achieve an ‘inclusive growth’ in communities around Electronics City, young women from adjacent villages were selected to undergo special training on computers. These ladies were then employed to train the children at schools.

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Winners of ‘Celebrating Success’

This year ELCIA powered a new initiative towards “Celebrating Success” of its member organizations for their achievements in the areas of innovation resulting in patents, sustaining during COVID crisis, and revival post lockdown. It was also proposed to recognize individuals from our member organizations for their outstanding contribution towards Social Work.



ELCIA invites vendors to participate in Construction of bus parking area at ELCIA cluster

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