Model School Convention

It is hardly surprising to note that more than 85% of Indian children go to government schools. Does it not become imperative then to ensure that education through government schools are of a quality and standard that allow these children to compete fairly in this highly competitive world? Should the word ‘government school’ necessarily send shivers down the citizen’s spine? Doesn’t the government that spends 14.2% on education every year require to demonstrate their spends that are indeed helping? Can the educated afford to simply sit on the side lines and engage in armchair debates on the quality of education, throwing one well-aimed stone after another at an invisible target?

All of these questions and many more have assailed us over the last few months of engagement with our enthusiastic trustees. The result was the creation of ‘Model School’ guidelines aimed at developing learning ecosystems in government schools that would deliver an effective and holistic learning experience innovatively while being aware of the challenges of infrastructure and other shortcomings in educational institutions.

Once the guidelines were created, we embarked on an assessment exercise through our energetic volunteers at Infosys to do an actual as-is study based on the criteria. This gave us a good idea of the areas to focus on and challenges specific to each institution. We then proceeded to draw up a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Deputy Director of Public Instruction to ‘adopt’ the 17 schools that we were already supporting for a structured 2-year improvement program.


20th November 2015 was a special day for ELCIA TRUST. The Model School convention, a day-long engagement with Principals of these schools allowed us to cement our resolve to achieve the ‘Model School’ objectives and share perspectives on challenges and best practices. The program was held at Shree Ananthnagar Vidyaniketan School and we enjoyed the warm hospitality of the GSB Charitable Trust. The school was selected by us because it was a great showcase for the Model School criteria in practice. Needless to say, the program was a great success.

Way forward

The next 60 days will see a structured intervention to enable schools leverage multimedia in learning using the suite of materials given to us generously by the Azim Premji Foundation. Apart from this, we will focus on resolving ground level issues specific to each school. The new year will see a host of interventions for both teachers, students and the management of these schools.

Special thanks are due to the entire team of trustees led by Veerabhadrappa (Syscon); Shalini Murthy (Erkadi Systems); Prakash Rao (Ex-CEO-ELCIA); M V Nagaraj (VXL Instruments); Lokesh (Synthesis); Rama N S (CEO- ELCITA); Mamatha (ELCIA Trust); Nandeesh (ELCIA Trust); Technical team (VXL Instruments); Suja Warrier and the Infosys Volunteer Team and our partners at Enfold and the Premji Foundation.

Duetsche Bank of India

As part of their volunteering week, DBOI volunteers painted Shikaripalya Government School classrooms.


They also distributed 213 school bags and shoes to Govindhshettypalya School students on 25th Nov 2015.


If you are reading this and going, ‘Hey, I’d like to get involved,’ or “How do I get my company to partner in this,” or “Our volunteer teams will be excited” or …what are you waiting for?

Write to contact@elciatrust.in or administrator2@elcia.in to register your request to support/partner in the Model School program.

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