Artistic creative / Hatoful partner The french version of the complete sport can be obtained here.

Artistic creative / Hatoful partner The french version of the complete sport can be obtained here.

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Hatoful companion (Japanese headings ???????) happens to be a game about an individual hunter-gatherer lady (known as by one, default Hiyoko Tousaka) who travels to an excellent university for creatures, St. PigeoNation’s Institute. Truth be told there, she dates pigeons.

The state websites is upon us , two obtain mirrors your cost-free variant is below , and an English interpretation for complimentary variation is present right here . Cheers for your redirect, moa810 . A remake associated with the original sport is present purchasing on Steam . PS4 and Vita products came out in July 2015. Another event, vacation Sensation, keeps an English demonstration accessible below , as well as the full variant can be acquired here . moa810 can focusing on another sequel, which should posses fan’s dog images as characters (sad to say the contest are shut).


Four drama CDs have been made available in Japanese, with most English translations here .

Undoubtedly an in part equated manual that gives other ideas. Some manga have also been published – Total Zero, highest illusion from Anghel’s POV; elaboration on some figure background hinted at in travels celebrity; as well as some month-to-month items converted by followers .

Oh, if you’re questioning, “hatoful” might Japanese enunciation of both the wasei eigo keyword “heartful” or “hurtful”, chosen both involving this dual meaning and for the fact that they begins with hato (Japanese at pigeon).


Tropes found in the Hatoful companion series integrate:

  • 6 was 9: within the BBL route, Ryouta and Sakuya realize that quantity 6 from a encyclopedia can be obtained lacking in the sealed-off wing associated with the class, an extra amount 9 using taken their room.
  • Grown dread: The Bad males really love route is full of this. Hearing Nanaki/Hitori Uzune explore experience like he’d were unsuccessful Nageki, his own best lifestyle household, again by certainly not obtaining on any warning signs as his or her friend died in a fire on the other side associated with the door try horrifying.
  • Affectionate Parody: associated with whole relationship SimVisual creative genre. The activities have many enjoying pokes at vacation RPGs too, specifically in Anghel’s course.
  • As soon as the finish: actually heavily hinted at during the major sport, but just confirmed into the painful kids romance strategy.
  • All There through the guidebook: The guidebook greatly stretches of the heroes’ backstories, specifically Shuu’s /Ichijou Utsuru’s
  • {A|Their|The|Onea Love to Dismember: medical practitioner Shuu accomplishes this towards brain should you decide give attention to him or her.
  • Pet Stereotypes
    • The ordinary man is actually a stone pigeon, fan-tails tend to be filled up with by themselves, the mourning dove are introverted, etc.
    • Fan-artists also perform just a bit of this by portraying Hiyoko, whoever brand mean “Chick” like for example a child bird, as possessing short hair and frequently as a blonde.
    • The Hawk Group is composed of warmongers although the Dove group is focused on comfort.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Hiyoko’s selections for hopes are: “Conquer the entire world by power, regulation the earth from shadows, or get a well-known specialist.”
  • Creator charm: Oko San is founded on moa810’s very own pet bird; but real-life Okosan will not including dessert after all.
    • Moa furthermore likes to incorporate Christmas musical within the soundtrack, no matter if the type or area they runs because of it just isn’t Christmas-related. For example, Shuu’s design is definitely “The party associated with the sugar-plum Fairies” , the Torimi Cafe’s theme was “Oh, bit city of Bethlehem” , plus the elegant mall’s theme was “Jesu, pleasure of person’s Desiring” .
  • Back-to-Back Badasses: Azami and Hiyoko versus the street gang.

  • Bad conclusion: as always your genre if you do not run clear with any love. It involves Hiyoko becoming accomplished through the Hawk Party . Amazingly, this finishing tends to make a whole lot more sense when you have starred the Bad men admiration route. There’s also one induced from inside the demo version by staying in the infirmary to hold back for Ryouta, as physician Shuu happens to be suggested getting reduce your brain down and packed they in a package (this ending furthermore works as a preview for terrible kids prefer). Ordinary concluding for Doctor Shuu may possibly be regarded as this.
  • Be Careful The Thing You Want:
    • At Tanabata, if you choose the final alternative (at first unavailable) for “the upset love of a decreased angel”, you’re going to get precisely that – a deranged bleeding-heart dove known as Anghel Higure convinced he is a fallen angel.
    • If professional opts into BBL road, this shared that Ryouta while the protagonist wished-for a global wherein individuals and fowl would no longer deal with. Shuu attempts to carry out the wish by cleaning away staying people.
  • Gigantic goddamn Heroes: From the difficult men admiration road, merely when factors examine the company’s bleakest with a caught Kazuaki and Anghel dying from poison petrol and a destroyed Ryouta submitting to medical practitioner Shuu, Oko San and Sakuya arise to simply help .
  • Bishonen: The ICPSS purpose makes every pigeon your encounter as a human earlier you can see all of them, and they are all very pretty. Except Oko San, who’s going to be taken as a bird in a boy’s college consistent.
  • Ebony display screen of loss: into the BBL route, the player considers Sakuya ‘s perspective fade to black colored when Shuu is just about to utilize their cleaver. Yuuya require the topic for your, and it is reported into the epilogue which he survives.
  • Bland-Name Product
    • Energy M**te
    • Keymania IIDX
  • “Blind Idiot” interpretation: Definitely a spot during the manga where the scanlator interpreted “oku” (100 million) as “billion”, thus raising the persons populace by one factor of 10.
  • Guide secure: within the BBL finishing, The absent level of the encyclopedia is truly a box containing records on Operation Hatoful, or a map into the walled-up medical center.
  • Dough, ova, dairy milk, Squick: The various groups from the faculty are the monitor personnel, a student council, as well birdwatching pub. which, in a faculty for birds, generally amount to voyeurism of (and also by) university children.
  • Bust the hottie: Happens plenty when you look at the difficult BoysLove route. Ryouta, but undoubtedly contains the most terrible of it, particularly if the recognition of Hiyoko’s killer was unveiled.
  • Breaking the next Wall: Hiyoko understands the closing credits sequence that occurs after obtaining Azami and Blaster with each other and disrupts they angrily. In getaway Sensation’s 4th occurrence she recaps the 3rd one aloud for “the camera”, and when Nageki demands about this she states individuals may have disregarded. He states becoming thus aware about the digital camera does not seem quite pro.

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