Semi-automatic transformer winding machine for HV coils (Synthesis Winding Technologies)

The Smart Winder range of versatile & user friendly Semi-Automatic Winding Machines are available in several configurations, offering optimum and comprehensive winding solutions based on coil complexity, size and productivity; leading to minimum stat up time and cost-effective solutions.

Product Specifications

Product – Used for HV coil winding used in distribution transformers

Models – HV 400, HV 600, and HV 800

Coil diameter – 400mm to 650mm

Coil length – 550mm to 850mm

BNC, N-Type, SMA, TNC terminations

Swing diameter – 450mm to 700mm

Coil weight – 50 kg to 500 kg

Wire size – For enameled Cu wire (0.5 mm to 3.5 mm); For enameled Al wire (1.5 mm to 4.25 mm)

Rectangular conductor

Weight – 750 kg to 1200 kg

Industry Application

Industrial applications



Electrical and electronics


Semi Automatic Transformer Winding Machine For HV Coils


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